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Roc-Euro Intake System - Audi B8/B8.5 A4, A5 (2.0T)


Fits 2009+ A4/A5 2.0T, including K03 and K04 turbos.

Heatshield mounts securely and is completely removable with no cutting or drilling. Intake plumbing is fully silicone to eliminate heatsoak. Filter mounts high and foward to take advantage of natural airflow behind the headlight, pulling cool air from the leading edge of the grill. Shield also seals against the hood, creating a total barrier from the toasty engine.

Can be adapted to larger turbo kits easily. Silicone cannot collapse under load. Filter has been tested to over 500hp.

Provides fantastic turbo spool sounds, diverter valve sound, and all the fun without any of the strange cruising-speed whistle some intakes have.

Lets talk about power gains for a moment here: no one provides any real data. A big company shows it in airflow but not power; a generic company shows an 'estimated gain', but has two decimal points on a low number for.. super accurate guessing? The truth is, often times aftermarket intakes don't make enough power. At least not notable power on a dyno. Many of our intakes have made real power gains, and real power gains above the competition - who often claimed higher numbers that -we- did. We happily provide dyno information for scenarios that make power in a quantifiable way.

So we don't bother making up stuff to try and sell it.

In this case, we built this for sound, and maximum flow. When we find some free time, we'll do dyno pulls to showcase that it likely makes a small but positive impact over stock. Take a listen, enjoy the natural sounds of your turbo, and know that it might make a couple ponies, but don't go rounding up the stable. 

If that all sounds ridiculous to you, well, I'd recommend keeping the stock box. Buuuuuut, if you like having fun with you car, and want an intake, and want to hear that turbo, then grab this.

Installation is NOT as simple as our other products as this has several components to accomodate the MAF sensor on the car. It's not that difficult, either. I'll have some instructions up soon, but we ship the system assembled and mocked up with a dummy-piece to simulate your MAF, so it is mostly self-explanatory.

I believe this will also fit a Q5, but will not have confirmation for 2 weeks. I will update the title if it is hot-swappable. Pretty darn sure it'll work though, if you're feeling adventurous.

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