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Roc-Euro 4.0TT Intake System - Audi S6 / S7 / RS7 / RS6

RS Kit

Fits 2013-2020 S6, S7, RS6,and RS7. Tubes available in Wrinkle black, which matches the engine bay plastics, gloss red (which matches the red of the engine cover), or gloss white.

There is an additional shield kit included with the RS6/RS7 - it controls airflow around the sidemount auxiliary cooler. This is not needed for the S6 or S7. This is not needed for cars with upgraded turbos either, unless you have increased cooling with an RS-style stock-location cooler upgrade. Most cooling upgrades are front-mounted, and don't need it.

Our testing (independent dyno) showed a 31whp gain over the stock airbox, on a Stage 1 APR tune.

And it just sounds mean. Unleash the beast.

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