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Volk Racing TE37V Mark2 Limited Model


Limited model of 2019, additional size P.C.D 5/120 for BMW arrives

TE37V has evolved to MARKⅡ with 18 inch size debut. This 18 inch fitment targets include the R32 GT-R, as well as customized tuning cars which has a wide body kit installed. It has suitable offset to maximize its suspension and it came to fruition by forged 1 piece. VOLK RACING TE37V MARKⅡ is an ultimate wheel which accepts requirements like performance, size, and power of deep rim. It has been lineup only for 5/114 before. This time 5/120 variations are added to its line up as the limited model. Herewith, the TE37V now enable to be installed to the vehicle which run a 5/120 P.C.D Of course, it has enough performance with strength, rigidity, and lightness as the VOLKRACING and lineage of the TE37 series. In addition, it comes to fruition with its unique and powerful deep rim. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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