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Tomioka Racing GTX2971 Hybrid Turbo - 15'+ WRX / 14'+ Forester XT


Introducing the latest addition of Hybrid bolt-on turbocharger to the 2015+ Subaru WRX. This is a ball bearing upgrade to the factory turbocharger. Tomioka Racing uses genuine Garrett® ball bearing for the hybrid turbocharger with matched porting to the factory-sized turbocharger housing and TR billet wastegate actuator. The TR Turbo has billet compressor wheel that is 20% larger over factory wheel and wheel-blade that is 17% longer than factory blade. These ensure more surface area for air flow improvement to the turbo. This turbo is perfect for users who look for quick spooling turbo and gain in overall power band.  All necessary fittings and gaskets are included in the box to make the installation process painless.

Bearing Type:


Flange Type:

Standard Subaru 5-Bolts

Compressor Wheel:

Ex: 72 mm

Turbine Housing:



1.03 bar / 15 psi


500 HP

Kit Contents

  • Turbocharger
  • Gasket
  • Hardware kit

Tomioka Racing

The Art of Forced Induction
TR GTX2971 Hybrid for 2015+ Subaru WRX
The United Arab Emirates is well known for revealing highly customized vehicles with impressive power figures. With tuning reaching completion at Tensai Tuning in Abu Dhabi, a massive 168whp gain over a stock WRX was achieved thanks to our GTX2971 Ball-Bearing Hybrid turbocharger (FA20)! Featuring a 20% larger billet aluminum compressor wheel, the turbo spools fast and maintains boost throughout the RPM range.

Check out the dyno chart:

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