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StopTech Brake Pads - Street Series - Subaru STi 2004-2017


StopTech - Street Brake Pads

*Sold in pairs*

StopTech Street Pads are designed for daily driving and touring, combining high-performance braking with street-focused reliability and comfort. The Street Pads are low-dust, rotor-friendly pads featuring aggressive friction formulas for quiet operation and consistent braking at both cold and hot temperatures. Each pad is built to ensure precision OE fitment, and is lab- and dyno-tested for maximum performance and long service life. Upgrade your street braking power with the premium Street Pads developed by the one and only StopTech!

StopTech Street Pads are designed for daily drivers looking for the best possible combination of pure stopping performance, low dust and low noise. These superior pads offer outstanding performance at extreme temps, ensuring top-tier functionality in any daily driving conditions.

These pads are not only powerful at stopping but also very quiet, as their precision design and caliper fitment works to eliminate all noise caused by the usual pad vibration. You cannot go wrong with the StopTech Street Pads if you're looking for superior braking performance for your street driving needs. Order yours today!

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