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Roc-Euro Intake System - Audi B8/B8.5 S4 & S5 w/ APR Ultracharger


Ready to go UltraCharger? Don't want to go backwards and use a stock-airbox-based intake? We've got you covered. Maximize power and maintain supercharger sound with our setup. Already have a RocEuro intake? Excellent, you'll just need one part of this. Let's dive in:

If you already have a RocEuro intake, purchase your APR UltraCharger through us- you'll receive this hop-up for FREE. Just send us back your original Roc-Euro tube after you swap it!

Already have our intake, and the ultracharger kit? Click the option to upgrade your existing unit. Take advantage of the core-charge if you want!

Need to start from scratch? Complete kit is available as well.


Since 2010, the RocEuro intake has shown gains over all other intake options- the factory airbox IS a restriction. Any intake that reuses the main box is robbing you of actual power, at ANY power level. 

Don't cut yourself short at the top of the game now. 

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