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Kreissieg Valvetronic Exhaust - Audi R8 V10 (09'+)


This is the valve system for Audi R8 V10 from Kreissieg. With many decades of experience with exotic cars, Kreissieg s engineers have put down significant time and efforts to produce these exhaust systems. This exhaust system has very complicated construction to accomplish best exhaust sound quality possible. Not only do the valves control the loudness, but their system also has unique muffler construction to produce its own unique F1 exhaust tone. This is how Kreissieg can achieve its high-pitch exhaust sound that no one else can imitate.


  • Type : The valve system for controlling loudness in two modes.
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Tip Style : 4x90 mm
  • Valve Size : 2x70mm
  • Valve Switch : Electric wired remote control switch
  • Due to complexity of our system, we do not recommend to use in race application.


The customer can choose different sound level when ordering an exhaust system.
The standard settings are Level 2 for silent mode, and Level 5 for F1 Mode

  • Level 1. Stock sound level.
  • Level 2. Sportier sound level.
  • Level 3. A high-pitched tone and loud F-1 sound of Sports muffler.
  • Level 4. A high-pitched tone and very loud F-1 sound of Sports muffler.
  • Level 5. A high-pitched tone and very loud real F-1 sound.
  • Every Kreissieg exhaust system is built to order specifically to customers request and can take 14-20 days to build after purchase
  • All systems are imported via airfreight from Japan.
  • Kreissieg can NOT guarantee "NO CEL" with this unit because every car has different emission specs depending on country.

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