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JHM Stainless Steel Catback w/ X-Pipe - B6 S4


JH Motorsports is PROUD to introduce the 2.75" Cat-back for the B6 S4!!


JHM Cat-Back Exhausts are MADE TO ORDER. They should ship in about 2 to 4 weeks from the time your order is placed.


This Cat-Back is a direct fit for Sedans and Avants ONLY. The cat-back will require some modification to fit on the Cabriolet due to the extra structural components under the car to help make up for the missing roof. If you have a Cabriolet S4, please call us for more information about getting this exhaust on your car!


Why 2.75" piping diameter? After much testing and calculations based on the 4.2L 40v V8 engine's demands when utilizing forced induction setups such as our JHM Vortech Supercharger Kit, specially when equipped with our Version 2 Mid-length Headers the 2.75" diameter will help extract as much power as possible over a 2.5" cat-back.


Why an X-pipe? Time and time again in just about any car with a Naturally Aspirated V8 there is always more power made with a X-pipe. So why leave any power on the table with a car that doesn't have the luxury of turning up the boost? Bottom line: X-pipes just scavenge better thus creating more power. They also tend to make the car have a cleaner more refined sound.


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Includes: Complete cat back exhaust system with dual 2.75" stainless piping and 2 free flowing Mufflers. Mounting Hardware included.


- Downpipe connection: Select from the dropdown box below if need a 2.75" connection to the downpipes to directly fit our Fast Intentions 2.75" downpipes (should fit other popular 2.75" downpipes with no or minor modifications). Or select the necked down ends to bolt up to OEM style downpipes or piggie pipes with stock pipe diameter.
- Resonators: Select yes or no from the dropdown box below.

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