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JHM RS6-RS Turbos ONLY for 2.7T


NOTE: This product is for Turbos ONLY w No Couplers, Clamps, Inlets, or Hardware. See below to how to make them fit with K04 inlets and just a hardware kit. We wanted to offer them this way for those who wanted to run our RS6-R turbos for less money spent and only a little more work to install. See below for modifications required.


Introducing the RS6-RS turbochargers for your B5-S4, C5-A6, and allroad 2.7T from JHMotorsports! These are the most unique and budget-friendly, custom RS6 based turbochargers offered to date for the 2.7T engine.


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Audi JHM RS6-RS Turbos for 2.7T


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Audi JHM RS6-RS Turbos for 2.7T


These turbochargers utilize several custom pieces including newly designed, high-flow, virgin bronze journal bearings and custom, high-strength piston rings to name a few. All Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) components used are tremendously improved over conventional RS6 or K04/RS4 units on the market.

Most - if not all - upgraded K04 hybrid turbochargers on the market simply utilize a larger compressor wheel with the small factory turbine wheel & housing (hot-side), which has always proved to be a limit for excellent, high RPM power above 6500 RPM. The turbine side has to be a well-balanced combination with the compressor side as the compressor wheel is only as good as the turbine side it's mated to. That means that with any K04 turbo or turbo based on a K04 housing is limited by its standard K04 turbine/hot-side.

The high-flow RS6-RS turbine side and the new high-flow lightweight, dual-stacked compressor wheel, allow us to spool these RS6-RS turbochargers quickly, preserving low end power and response while flowing enough air for increased top-end power. Our testing has shown a very crisp throttle response down low, all the way up to 7500+ rpm (watch our tachometer in the 10.8 second quarter mile video below). We've found that boost holds flatter throughout the power band and stays even between shifts when compared to a standard chopped up RS6 turbo modified to fit the 2.7T! Watch these turbos in action in the videos below!

These turbos come as a complete setup and are extremely well balanced. They feature quick low to mid-range boost response, hammering mid-range power, and very strong top end power. On top of all this they cost MUCH less than chopped up and modified OEM RS6 turbos while retaining all of their best features.




UPDATE: As of early 2014, the RS6-RS Turbos have been updated with new features geared towards increased performance! These features include a billet compressor wheel with a 1mm larger inducer, a compressor wheel nut that is 5 grams lighter, and turbine shaft that has been lightened by 5 grams. Together these updates create a better flowing and quicker spooling RS6-RS!

- High-flow, lightweight, C355 aluminum, dual-stacked compressor wheel that features a more efficient flow rate over the OEM RS6 compressor wheel. The OEM RS6 compressor wheel utilizes a single-stack wheel.
- Re-profiled or "bored out", aluminum compressor housing with tighter wheel clearance.
- Re-designed and upgraded 360 degree thrust kit, piston rings, and high-flow journal bearings.
- The RS6 turbine housing ("hot side") has been re-profiled or "bored out" with tighter clearances to suit the high-flow, 713C Inconel RS6-RS turbine wheel and housing.
- Estimated potential power output: 600+ chp
- Rotor shaft and compressor wheel are dynamically balanced then the Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) is fully re-assembled allowing us to fine tune them with a VSR balance to tolerances below the specified tolerances of BorgWarner.
- Upgraded, high-strength, lightweight rotor shaft & compressor wheel.
- Clipped turbine wheel to increase the mid-range and top-end power of the car. This also greatly reduces the back-pressure upstream of the turbocharger increasing the exhaust flow through the turbine.
- Adjustable wastegates from BorgWarner.
- Each turbocharger is designed and manufactured to JHM standards by our supplier.
- Built in the United States and Europe with United States and European Sourced parts.


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Audi JHM RS6-RS Turbos for 2.7T


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Audi JHM RS6-RS Turbos for 2.7T


- The RS6-RS turbochargers are fully bolt-on to the stock 2.7T motor and will fit up to the stock exhaust manifold in the stock location. There is no trimming, welding, grinding, or modification needed to make these bolt up to your 2.7T engine. All oil, coolant, and vacuum lines remain and mount in the factory locations. The only modification needed is for our proprietary RS6 exhaust downpipe flange that is different from the standard K03/K04 flange. You can either purchase complete, bolt-on downpipes from us or select a flange you can weld on yourself.


NOTE: 03 and 04 A6s and allroads with Automatic transmission have a different downpipe design, some modification is required for these to bolt on.


- Pair of JHM RS6-RS Turbochargers ONLY (If you are interested in our FULL RS6-RS Turbo Kit, please go back one section and click on that page or search for "JHM-RS6RSTK")


- Sold separately to make this a turn key install is a hardware kit and RS6 flanges or our bolt on K04 to RS6 downpipe adapters. Also needed is our "JHM RS6-RS Coupler and Clamp Kit to adapt to K04 inlets" also available in this section of our website to adapt your existing K04 inlets.


NOTE: You cannot run OEM K04 or Replica K04 Inlets with these turbos without modifications. Click HERE for pictures of how to modify your K04 inlets to work with JHM RS6-RS turbos. We have bored out these housings so much that it extends beyond the location where the o-ring would normally sit. This allows us to achieve the increased flow through the housings mentioned above.


***Warranty information:***
JH Motorsports, Inc. (JHM) will warranty any failure due to manufacturer defects for 12 months after the purchase date. In the event that a turbo purchased directly from JHM is not performing to manufacturer specifications, the turbo will have to be sent to JHM for Warranty Inspection. The inspection process can take 4 - 6 weeks to complete. If the customer does not want to wait for Warranty Inspection to complete, the customer will be responsible for purchasing a replacement until the warranty review process is complete. Immediately upon receipt of the malfunctioning part and all proper documentation, the part will be sent out for Warranty Inspection to our supplier. After the part is received by our supplier we will wait to hear from them as to whether the item failed due to manufacturer defects or for other reasons. The most common reasons for a warranty claim to be rejected include, but are not limited to: oil pressure and/or feed lines with excess sludge or deposits in them (thus releasing deposits into the turbo and causing failure), oil pressure and/or feed lines that are plugged or partially plugged (thus restricting oil to or from the turbo causing failure), damage caused due to improper installation, poorly maintained engines that have oil sludge and deposits that get released into the new turbo. If the suspected defective turbo is determined to be truly defective by our manufacturer, the customer will be sent a replacement or refunded for the amount of the replacement purchased in advance as stated above. JHM is not responsible for any of the shipping and handling costs associated with the Warranty and Exchange process. JHM is not responsible for the labor costs associated with the install of these items or the labor costs associated with replacement of defective parts, regardless of the outcome of the Warranty Inspection. For further information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.


Due the price of this item it is non-returnable.


NOTE: Due to the fact that each set of these turbos is test fit on our full, mock-up motor, it's possible that there will be a lead time of a few days to up to 2 weeks before your order ships, depending on our current backlog.

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