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JHM Performance Clutch - 04-05' B6 S4




NOTE: This B6 S4 style clutch kit has a lower pressure plate clamp load than our clutches in our combo kits. This clutch uses the same friction material as our B7 clutch kit and our B6/B7 lightweight flywheel and clutch combo so it is still an upgrade over stock. The pressure plate in this kit works specifically with the OEM B6 S4 flywheel or aftermarket lightweight flywheels built to B6 S4 specs. The downfall to this pressure plate is that it has 400lbs LESS clamp load than the B7 S4/RS4 pressur plate we run in our flywheel and clutch combo kits. Another reason we don't recommend just replacing the clutch on your B6 S4 is that JH Motorsports has seen many B6 S4 flywheels fall apart causing major damage to the transmission in some cases. This is why JHM built all its clutch and flywheel combos around the new and updated B7 style flywheel and pressure plate. This way we can update all B6 owners to B7 spec components. However we understand some people are on a budget and just want a clutch kit with a more aggressive and abuse handling disc, that is why we made this kit.


In typical JHM style here are 2 videos of some of the abuse we have put this clutch disc through during our R&D process with our in house 2005 B6 S4. (NOTE: the car in this video has the pressure plate and flywheel from our combo kit. The pressure plate in that kit has 400 more lbs of clamp load.)


JHM burnouts and abuse with our B6 S4 VIDEO -->HERE>
JHM 12.97 @ 109.1 all motor and Bolt-on parts quarter mile pass VIDEO -->HERE>


SPECS - These JHM Stage 3 (hybrid Ceramic/Metal Backed Organic) street performance clutches (choose stage below before ordering) are from a result of actual on car testing (video proof above) and from pressure plate clamp load testing that JHM had performed on all the available pressure plates for the B6/B7 S4 and RS4. Most of the on car testing was to find the optimal materials for the most streetability while delivering the performance any Naturally Aspirated B6/B7 S4 could dish out. The pressure plate testing allowed us to find that the B7 RS4 pressure plate was the same as the B7 S4 and had 400 more pounds of clamp load vs. the B6 S4 pressure plate. So this is another reason why we highly recommend our full combo if you have a B6 S4. Even though this kit here has the OE clamp load of a B6 S4 it is still a nice upgrade for guys looking for something a little stronger than stock. As for driveability the hybrid combination of materials has made the clutch hold better and handle higher heat as well while still being smooth enough for every day driving with a stock like pedal feel.


NOTE: Stage 4 (hybrid Ceramic/Kevlar) Clutch Discs have been DISCONTINUED. If you are looking for a higher performance clutch setup than our Stage 3, we recommend our JHM R-Series Clutches that are more performance oriented and still retain street-ability.



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Audi B7 RS4 Performance Clutch


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Audi B7 RS4 Performance Clutch


INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING - B6 S4 pressure plate - JHM Stage 3 (hybrid Ceramic/Metal Backed Organic) or Stage 4 (hybrid Ceramic/Kevlar) disc (choose stage below before ordering) - Pressure plate to flywheel bolts - Throwout bearing - Clutch alignment tool.


The risk with reusing a used non resurfaced flywheel with a new clutch. In our experience with many different clutches we have tested and installed over the years we have found that when you don't replace or resurface your flywheel the new clutch's friction material may not bed in correctly, thus causing a chatter when starting from stops. This is not always the case but can happen, JHM just wants their customers to be aware of this risk. If you are concerned about this check out our 2 different flywheel and clutch combos we sell in this section.




NOTE: Clutch break in is important and must be done properly. For the Stage 3 clutches you need to drive as much city type driving as you can for the first 500 miles (each time you start from a stop or shift it aids in break in, Highway mileage does not count). For Stage 4 clutches the procedure is the same but you must do this break in procedure for 750 miles. Due to Kevlar's resistance to wear it takes longer to break in. You also MUST avoid any racing activities, launching or aggressive driving that gets the clutch hot during this period.


NOTE: For those that are looking for a more robust, race oriented clutch setup we highly recommend looking into our R-Series line-up that does not have an SAC. The SAC in OEM and other aftermarket pressure plates work great for comfort and OEM-like drive-ability, however it is not designed to take excessive abuse of track days or aggressive street driving. We have done rigorous testing since 2012 to develop the ultimate clutch solution for both street and track and the R-Series is what is needed to take these cars to the next level.


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