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JHM K04-R Turbo - B7-A4 B8 A4-A5 2.0T, Allroad, Q5 2.0T


Introducing the JHM B7-A4 2.0T K04-R Turbo Kit !!


The JHM 2.0T K04-R Turbo Kit is the ultimate OEM+ style performance solution on the market for the B7-A4 B8 A4-A5 2.0T. With common bolt-ons and supporting hardware we are able to turn the B7-B8 2.0T into a monstrous street machine!



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- 100% BOLT-ON Solution - The Compressor and Exhaust Housings have been designed to fit like the OEM K03 (Stock Turbo) requiring no modifications for installation.
- High-flow, lightweight, C355 aluminum, dual-stacked compressor wheel that features a more efficient flow rate over the OEM K04 compressor wheel.
- Re-profiled or "bored out", aluminum compressor housing with tighter wheel clearance.
- Re-designed and upgraded 360 degree thrust kit, piston rings, and high-flow journal bearings.
- The K04 turbine housing ("hot side") has been re-profiled or "bored out" with tighter clearances to suit the high-flow, 713C Inconel K04-R turbine.
- Rotor shaft and compressor wheel are dynamically balanced then the Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) is fully re-assembled allowing us to fine tune them with a VSR balance to tolerances below the specified tolerances of BorgWarner.
- Upgraded, high-strength, lightweight rotor shaft & compressor wheel.
- Clipped turbine wheel to increase the mid-range and top-end power of the car. This also greatly reduces the back-pressure upstream of the turbocharger increasing the exhaust flow through the turbine.
- Each turbocharger is designed and manufactured to JHM standards by our supplier.
- Ceramic Coated Hotside
- Powder Coated Coldside






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- JHM K04-R Turbo
- OEM Diverter Valve (Revision "D" Piston Style)
- OEM N75 Boost Control Valve
- Hardware and Gaskets





The JHM K04-R Is a drop in turbo solution and installs just as an OEM K03 would install. NOTE: For some B8s you may need to swap the coolant port plug.


NOTE: For the B8 Chassis will require our JHM B8 Test/Race Pipe or HFC for installation. However, if you already own an aftermarket Non-JHM Test/Race Pipe or HFC you will need slightly oblong the turbo stud hole on the flange as shown below. Please note that the pipe shown is upside down and is only displaying the how little modification the flange needs. You will need to modify the top hole - closest to the engine. You will easily see where it needs to be modified when comparing the pipe to the turbo.


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