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JHM Intake Spacers (8mm Thick) - Audi B8 S5 (4.2L) - Up to Early 09'




Introducing the JHM Intake Spacers for the B8-S5 FSI V8. They are 8mm thick and CNC machined out of high quality materials.


What do they do? They help bring your intake temperatures down by insulating the intake manifold from the heat coming from the cylinder heads due to combustion. With a cooler intake manifold, you create a cooler and denser intake charge which helps add more torque and horsepower, gear after gear! The intake spacers also increase the length of your B8-S5's intake runners which also creates more torque.


With our in-house testing, we found gains everywhere throughout the RPM range. The biggest gains when we installed the intake spacers were from 5000 to 7000 rpm, with the second best area of gains occurring from 4200 to 6500 rpm. (We identify these gains by analyzing the data from our data-logging and performing acceleration rate calculations in 3rd gear.) The BEST advantage for these intake spacers is that we saw that the car didn't slow down after repeated pulls due to an extremely heat soaked intake manifold bringing the intake temperatures up. Bottom line, the longer we beat on our in-house S5, the better it performed when compared to tests without the intake spacers.


All in all, these spacers are a great modification for the money, especially on the naturally aspirated 4.2L FSI B8-S5 where every little gain counts!


- 2008 to Early VIN 2009 B8-S5s with the 4.2L 32v FSI (4 valve per cylinder) V8


**NOTE ABOUT FITMENT**: In early 2009, Audi changed the design of the intake manifold. B8-S5s built up to November 3rd, 2008 (which will look like "03.11.2008" on the inside of your driver door) have an aluminum, 1-piece intake manifold. The JHM Intake Manifold Spacers will fit this style intake manifold. B8-S5s with the 4.2L built AFTER November 3rd, 2008 (03.11.2008) have a two-piece, plastic intake manifold which these spacers will NOT fit. We are currently working on a solution for the late B8-S5s.


The JHM B8-S5 Intake Manifold Spacer Kit will include the following parts:
- 2x JHM Intake Spacers (1 for each side of the intake)
- 2x OEM Intake gaskets (1 for the each of the top sides of the spacers that mate to the intake manifold, you can reuse the stock gasket between the spacer and the cylinder head.) - Lower mileage cars only. If in doubt on the condition of your OEM gaskets select the option below for a second pair of gaskets.
- 10x stainless steel bolts, that are longer to accommodate the spacer (5 for each side of the intake)
- 10x washers for the supplied longer bolts (5 for each side of the intake)
- JHM Oil Separator Heater Bypass Kit. This helps keep the intake temperatures even lower and takes very little time (less than 5 minutes) to install with the intake manifold removed. NOTE: Not recommended for extremely cold climates.


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Audi B8 S5 Intake Manifold Spacer


Additional Gaskets:
- If you need additional gaskets, search SKU: OEM-079133074B


- Installation notes for the B8-S5 HERE
The installation of these intake spacers requires the same labor as a carbon cleaning. So if you're getting a carbon clean performed on your S5 to bring back your top end horsepower, why not install our JHM Intake Spacers and add some torque too?! **NOTE: In addition to a just removing the intake manifold for a carbon clean, the intake spacers require you to flex and move up the high pressure fuel line distributor by about 10mm (total width of the spacer plus an additional compressed gasket). You'll also need to adjust the fuel lines since the manifold will be sitting about 10mm higher than stock.**


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