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JHM Front Mount Intercooler Kit - B7 A4 (2.0T)

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This is the same Front Mount Kit that was featured in our record setting, B7-A4 2.0T! See this car in action in the video below:



Our JHM FMIC is the best kit on the market when it comes to fit, finish, and ease of installation. Final fabrication, assembly, and quality checks are performed at JHM in Lathrop, CA.


- Precision Fit MAP Sensor Hole featuring identical to OEM sizing ensuring the tightest fit possible.


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B7 A4 Intercooler Kit - Large Core


- JHM Ambient Temperature Sensor Bracket allowing for proper relocation of Ambient Temperature Sensor (Note: Ambient temperature sensor is NOT INCLUDED and shown for descriptive purposes only).


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B7 A4 Intercooler Kit - Large Core


- Our kit requires NO bumper cutting and only minor plastic trimming of the core support.
- The core we use in our FMIC Kit is a robust 3.5 inches thick ensuring the best cooling performance possible.
- Our kit also includes a replacement solution for your factory power steering cooler. Simply disconnect the OEM, clothes-hanger style line, install our high-quality hosing and mount our cooler above our FMIC core.
- Finally, we also provide a complete hardware kit including everything you'll need for installation of the kit, including mounting brackets.


OPTIONS: Select your configuration from the dropdown menus below.
- FMIC Piping Coupler Color: Couplers are available in Blue or Black.
- Painted JHM Logo: Chose Blue or Black Logo to be painted on your FMIC core. NOTE: The "JHM" painted on logo is located slightly above center on the FMIC Core for optimum visibility on both Standard and S-Line bumpers/grilles once the core is mounted on the car.


- 1x FMIC Core, 3.5 inches thick
- 1x FMIC Piping Kit, 2.5 inch diameter
- 1x Ambient Temp. Sensor Bracket
- 2x Mounting Brackets for FMIC Core
- 5x Silicone Couplers (2x Straight, 2x 45 degree, 1x 90 degree reducer) for FMIC Piping, Available in Blue or Black - select your choice below.
- 8x High-Quality, T-Bolt Hose Clamps (7x for 2.5 inch couplers, 1x for 2 inch turbo outlet connection)
- 1x Upgraded Power Steering Cooler Kit


Click HERE for pictures of the installation and fitment of this front mount.

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