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IBR Bolt-On BRZ Manifold Kit - 15'+ Subaru WRX (FA20DIT)


The iBR BRZ Manifold Kit for the 2015+ WRX platform is a complete complete kit to bolt on a BRZ or FRS intake manifold in a forward facing configuration. The BRZ manifold is a much better design than the original WRX manifold. It has larger runners, better flow and can be purchased in black plastic or a wrinkle red aluminum version. One of the big benefits to the BRZ manifold is the port injection provisions along with an already existing aftermarket support for fuel rails, injectors and other accessories. This kit is designed to get many of the benefits of an aftermarket intake manifold but with a much lower cost point and great OEM level support.

The kit comes with the unique iBR cast adapters to bolt the manifold to the OEM FA20DIT heads. The next solution in the kit is the throttle body adapter. This adapts the bolt pattern to the OEM WRX throttle body and places the IAT sensor in the proper flow path. Since not everyone will want to run secondary injection we made custom CNC machined injector port block offs. To keep this a bolt on affair we also included and block off plug for the OEM BRZ MAP sensor port and a bracket to support the Evap Solenoid assembly that was originally bolted to the WRX manifold. The last piece of the kit is a throttle body wiring harness extension to allow the relocated WRX throttle body to plug into the OEM harness.

Items required for installation that are not included in the kit:

  • (2) WRX Lower TGV Housing Seals*
    Subaru Part Number XXXXXXXX

  • (1) BRZ Intake Manifold
    Subaru Part Number XXXXXXXX

  • (2) BRZ Intake Manifold Seals*
    Subaru Part Number XXXXXXXX

  • (4) Lower Injector Seals*
    Subaru Part Number XXXXXXXX

  • (1) BRZ Throttle Body Seal*
    Subaru Part Number XXXXXXXX

  • Custom Intercooler Piping to fit your specific application

*Items marked are either removed from the OEM TGV housings or come with most used BRZ intake manifolds.

As of publishing this there are a lot of used BRZ/FRS intake manifolds for sale, generally they come with fuel rails, injectors and fuel lines. This can be a great way to get a very inexpensive performance upgrade. Like any other car parts, please make sure to do your research and buy from a reputable seller.

The wrinkle red aluminum intake manifold can also be substituted instead of the black plastic manifold. Gaskets and seal part numbers should be substituted to match the intake manifold being used.

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