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ER Sport Series Dual Side Mount Intercooler (SMIC) Upgrade Kit - Audi A4 (B7)


Ease of Installation: (1 Easy, 5 Hard): 2
Key Features:
  1. Two large 10"x7.3"x4.5" (14.5"x7.3"x4.5" with end tanks) High Density Bar & Plate Construction Intercooler Core (657 combined cubic inches of intercooler core).
  2. Capable of supporting "Big Turbo" high horsepower (up to 600hp) applications.
  3. Rolled intercooler end tank design (welded and port & polished interior for improved flow).
  4. Designed to work with OEM hoses.
  5. Intercooer piping features beaded ends to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.
  6. Maintains ALL factory components, i.e. fog lights, horn, water squirters etc...
  7. Retains the OEM side fog light covers and lower center grill for the OEM look.
  8. Ideal for cars that do not want attention as SMIC mounting is discrete.
  9. Includes all hardware needed to install.
  10. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
There are some enthusiasts out there that don't like the flash or the attention that a front mounted intercooler (FMIC) brings.   For those of you out there that fall into this category, we're proud to introduce our new Sport Dual Side Mount Intercoolers (SMIC).
Since our Dual SMIC intercooler upgrade replaces just the factory dual intercoolers, installation is quick and easy.  Another added benefit, they're more ECONOMICAL (affordable) than our FMIC applications!!!




Passenger side intercooler (fog light cover off)




Drivers side intercooler (fog light cover off)




Sport SMIC kit installed (fog light covers off)




Stealthy! (fog light cover on)

Typically, one of the disadvantages of running a SMIC over a FMIC is due to lack of space, therefore having a small SMIC compared to a FMIC.  That is not a problem ANYMORE!  We have managed to fit 2 very large SMIC's into the available space.  The two massive 10"x7.3"x4.5" high density bar and plate core combine for a total of 657 cubic inches (328.5 each SMIC).  That's only 3 cubic inches smaller than the Competition Series FMIC!  The factory intercooler core measure 8.6"x8.5"x2.6" for a combined 380 cubic inches (190 cubic inches each core).  Our Dual SMIC upgrades is 73% LARGER than the factory intercoolers!!!  You will not find any larger SMIC upgrades on the market!!!




Passenger side intercooler installed




Drivers side intercooler installed




Passenger side intercooler installed with factory intercooler shrouding




Drivers side intercooler installed with factory intercooler shrouding




Passenger side intercooler




Drivers side intercooler




Sport SMIC vs Factory SMIC

Through extensive testing of different types of intercooler cores (tube & fin, bar & plate) we found that the high density bar and plate core to be the most efficient. Independent testing has shown that our FMIC is so efficient in cooling that it has cooled intake air temperatures (IAT) to almost ambient (outside) temperatures! Recovery is just as impressive. Lift the throttle to shift and IAT's drop instantly to temperatures before your run. That kind of performance is unbeatable!  Here's a datalog chart of intake air temperatures of our B7 A4 Dual SMIC Upgrades that was independantly tested and submited to us by a customer:




Sport Series Dual SMIC Intake Air Temperatures




Sports Series Dual SMIC vs. Factory SMICs Intake Air Temperatures

As you can see from the above chart, the OEM intercoolers start to heatsoak at around 5,500 rpm.  This is on a stock turbo A4 from a 2nd gear pull only in high 40 degree temperatures.  Imagine on a warm day and a 1st to 4th gear pull, how much heatsoak the OEM intercoolers would have.  Our SMIC's continue to drop in temperatures throughout the RPM band (higher RPM=high speed and more airflow to the intercoolers) and temperatures DO NOT CLIMB even up to redline.
Our Dual SMIC Upgrades are similarly sized as our very popular 2000-02 Audi S4 (B5) intercoolers.  Our S4 intercoolers have been proven to work very well on Stage 3+ S4's (Dual GT28 turbos) and almost every major race team campaigning S4's run our SMIC upgrades.  This same proven formula is now being brought to your 2006+ Audi A4.  With every single intercooler application we have introduced, every single one has been hailed as the undisputed best intercooler available.  This application will be no different.




B7 SMICs being pressure tested

Quality is very important to us. We do extensive R&D as well as beta testing to ensure this (as some of you may already know, waiting for us to release the production units). We only release our products once we feel we have reached perfection. We do not rush to get our products out even if there is alot of potential customers. Also, we do quality checks before the intercoolers are packaged. EVERY SMIC is pressure tested to 50 PSI of pressure before they are shipped to ensure no leakage. EVERY SMIC is test fitted on the original component on the car (OEM intercooler mount bracket) to ensure perfect fitment. We include only high quality parts and accessories in our SMIC kit. We include detail instructions and ALL parts needed for installation. All our SMICs are backed with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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