CTS Turbo is proud to announce our Direct fit FMIC for the B8 2.0T platform.

The OEM B8 intercoolers deliver underwhelming performance, this platform benefits greatly from an intercooler upgrade. Vehicles at stock boost levels up through Stage 1-2 and Big Turbo applications will all see a large improvement over the factory equipped hardware.

This giant intercooler core is almost 2 times larger than stock but does not cause a noticeable pressure drop, 1-2psi was measured. Cast aluminum end tanks attach to our high-flow silicon hoses seamlessly to ensure a boost-leak free fit that will last! This part meets our extensive quality control and pressure testing.

We also include a high-flow turbo outlet fitting that removes the factory turbo muffler found on stock turbos.


  • Efficient high-denstity bar and plate construction
  • Internal air-directing fins provide smooth flow and minimize pressure drop
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Designed using the latest 3D scanning technology
  • Cast aluminum end tanks result in superior flow
  • High-flow silicon outlet hoses
  • Bonus 2″ turbo muffler delete for the turbocharger outlet
  • Compatible with CTS K04 turbo kits and BOSS kits


  • Audi A4 B8 2.0 TFSI 2009-2016
  • Audi A5 B8 2.0 TFSI 2009-2016
  • Audi A4 B8 Allroad 2.0 TFSI 2009-2016
  • Audi A5 B8 Sportback 2.0 TFSI 2009-2016
  • Audi Q5 B8 SUV 2.0 TFSI 2009-2017