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Crawford TMIC V2 Air Oil Separator (Black) - 02-07' WRX / STi


This air/oil separator kit has been designed to help reduce detonation and to reduce the risk of engine failure. This kit is a great solution to your application's notorious oiling system issues and is the result of extensive engineering and testing using the best materials available. 

Some of the key features in this air/oil separator kit include an added coolant bypass line to avoid condensation, and the can is heated for cold climates and short drives. Anytime you have any modifications that increase the power output, this means that the amount of excess oil is increased and will eventually end up in your intake system. Because oil is heavier than water, and that you have a horizontally opposed engine, then it makes it easier for oil to coat the top of your pistons.  And because oil is combustible, this will cause irregularities with the controlled explosion within the chamber and will cause multiple explosions. this is also known as detonation. The main purpose of these air oil separators is to keep the oil from coating your pistons for better performance whether it be on the track or the street. 

The kit will include the can which will come powder-coated in a black finish, and it will come with all the required hoses and fittings to make this kit ready for the installation. 



  • ¬†Designed to fit on units still utilizing the top mount intercooler. It will install on the shock tower.
  • 2002-2005 WRX - Cruise control must be removed or relocated.

  • ¬†

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