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Crawford FMIC / Rotated Mount V2 Air Oil Separator - 15'+ Subaru STi


This particular kit has been designed for those of you equipped with an aftermarket front mount intercooler setup to trap harmful oil vapors from entering your intake system. This is a great solution to the notorious boxer oiling system issues which can affect both the performance and the life of your engine.





  • Not a catch can, closed-loop and maintenance-free design
  • Consume less oil
  • Extend the life of your engine
  • Reduces detonation and risk of engine and¬†ring land¬†failure
  • Reduces fuel dilution and subsequent power loss
  • ¬†




  • Designed for those with an aftermarket front mount intercooler setup
  • Also designed for those equipped with a rotated turbo setup
  • Black powder-coated canister
  • Includes hoses, clamps, T-fittings, and zip ties to make the kit ready for the installation

  • ¬†

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