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Boomba Racing 75mm DBW Bolt-On Throttle Body - 04'+ STi


This is the Boomba Racing Drive By Wire Throttle Body which has been designed to be a direct replacement of your factory unit.  Boomba has designed this throttle body so that you can still utilize both your stock TPS, as well as the servo motor. But please note that this particular throttle body will only accept the stock TPS cover and servo motor directly from the OEM rivet/bolt-on unit only.

This is a 75mm throttle body that comes as a kit which will include the stock manifold adapter for those of you who want to use it immediately with the stock intake pipes. This kit will also include a 75mm hose adapter along with all of the mounting hardware. These throttle bodies are CNC machined from billet aluminum and the 75mm bore provides a 56% increase in throttle cross section area when compared to the stock throttle body. This means that you have increased both power and torque, along with improved throttle response. This is a great upgrade that will also accommodate those of you who want to make substantial amounts of power in the future as well.

The Boomba Racing Drive by Wire Throttle Body will come ready to install, in an anodized black finish. 

Note: There are 2 different methods of mounting the throttle body servo motor, rivet/bolt-on and clip-on. This throttle body is suited for the rivet/bolt-on. Contact us for verification before purchase if needed.

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