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ARQRAY Titanium Tail Series - F87 M2

  • Sku: 8031TK102
  • Brand: ARQRAY

ARQRAY Titanium Tail Series - F87 M2

Arqray have adopted the pipe shape and the specifications which are most suitable for every car model so that ARQRAY sport mufflers lets your vehicle perform at 100% of an engines ability with a smooth flow of exhaust that is not cannot be compared with the OEM standard exhaust. In addition, their exhaust change the torque in normal driving aswell as peak power performance when driving your vehcile in sports mode


All of  Arqray exhausts are indvidullly tested during production before shipment. Under their strict Quality controll, every exhaust in all areas must pass 100% test result 


ARQRAY exhaust system are testing under the most duress situations in all types of conditions for long life 


ARQRAY indivially adjusts the sound tuning that matches the character of each car.High frequency sounds have been given for the NA type engine as well as turbo charged vehicles

*Please Note: 

  • Genuine muffler cutting required¬†
  • Genuine stepping motor transplant¬†
  • Competition exclusive
  • Acceleration Noise: 82DB¬†
  • Proximity Noise: 87DB
  • Hand Made in Japan

Wait time is 3-4 months.

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