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ARM Motorsports Test Pipes - B8 Audi A4 2.0T


This A4 test pipe is a powerful and easy bolt on alternative to a full downpipe exhaust upgrade. The ARM Test Pipe replaces the section of the OEM exhaust that is the most restrictive on the 2.0T which is bolted directly onto the turbocharger housing. The OEM section of the exhaust is equipped with a catalytic converter from the factory and by installing this upgraded catless exhaust section your A4 will allow more airflow and decrease back-pressure which can produce up to +24whp and +30wtq on tuned cars and slightly less on stock A4's

The improved power and torque is most noticeable lower in the rpm range where the stock system stifles exhaust flow. After installing the Test Pipe you will also experience increased throttle response and improved turbo spool because the faster flowing exhaust will spin the turbocharger quicker which will result in hitting target boost levels faster. The result: faster acceleration, quicker 0-60mph and 1/4 mile times.

The ARM Test Pipe will also greatly improve the sound of the exhaust, even with the rest of the system in stock form. It's stunning to see how much the OEM exhaust not only kills power but also sound. After upgrading to an ARM Test pipe expect a deeper and more aggressive sound on your A4 2.0T.

The ARM Test Pipe is constructed of 3" Stainless Steel with a 10 year warranty* for high flowing performance and longevity. Included are two O2 bungs where the factory O2 sensors can be reinstalled or blocked off with the two included bolts.

If you are installing the ARM Test Pipe on a stock or stage 1 ECU tune, this now opens the doors to run advanced boost settings. With the high flowing 3" Test Pipe the 2.0T engine can now handle increased exhaust flow from higher boost targets.

If you run this system without an ECU tune or O2 sensor fix, expect to get a check engine light. This can be resolved by installing an upgraded ECU programmer or using an O2 sensor fix adapter.

  • Gain up to +24whp and +30wtq
  • Faster Turbo Spool
  • Improved Exhaust Note
  • Better Throttle Response
  • 3" Design
  • Precise Fitment
  • ARM 3" Catless Downpipe
  • Hardware & Gasket Kit

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