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APR Race Downpipe - Audi RS3 & TTRS (2.5TFSI)

  • Sku: DPK0028
  • Brand: APR

The APR Race DP features a port-matched outlet connected to a smooth, 4” continuous-radius cast-bend, with an ultra-smooth cast-Y that splits the system into a dual 2.5” exhaust path. In contrary, the factory DP has a sharp transition exiting the turbo, which dumps directly into a massive and hot catalyst that keeps your engine bay toasty. From there the system splits into kinked piping, with less than ~2” of diameter on one side and ~2.3” on the other. The factory system wasn’t designed with ultimate performance in mind like our system.

Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust

The system is made from T304 stainless steel. The cast Y is electropolished, and all non-cast piping is mandrel bent with a brushed finish. As always, we only use argon-backpurged TIG welding techniques to assemble the systems.

Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust

The system features precision laser cut brackets with integrated PIM nuts for a reliable connection to the factory bracket. Our CNC machined v-band and OEM-style 3-bolt-flanges are precision cut and extremely flat ensuring an accurate seal. We include new gaskets and copper plated nuts as well.  Both O2 sensors bungs are cast and welded on top of the system in such a way as to prevent from protruding into the exhaust flow path. Lastly, we use OEM-style flex sections that are fully sealed with a corrugated inner liner for improved airflow. This design also resists billowing, rubbing, rattling and fraying, as is common with other types of flex sections.

The APR Race DP is compatible with the factory midpipes and our midpipes. This component, and APR Race Midpipes, is required for Stage 2, and includes a free authorization code to upgrade from APR Stage 1 or 1+ to Stage 2 at no additional charge.


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