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aFe Magnumforce Stage 2 Pro 5R Air Intake System - Audi B7 A4 (2.0T)

  • Sku: 54-11722
  • Brand: aFe

For the largest possible performance gain replace the entire air box and intake tract with the aFe Stage 2 Open Element Air Intake System.

* *No Floating Tubes* - Built-in ram scoop forces cold air to filter for greater efficiency and performance gains.
* *Clamp Stops* - Raised stops on aFe tubes provide a more secure seal and eliminate slippage versus flat, straight tubes.
* *3-Angle Adapter* - Specially developed velocity stack with 3 different angles dramatically increase airflow from the filter to the intake tube.
* *Quality Hardware* - aFe uses only top-quality hardware like stainless steel button head bolts and brass inserts.
* *3 Filter Media Choices* - Choose from the Pro 5R, Pro Dry S or Pro-GUARD 7 Filter.

Tags: 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , A4 , Audi