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aFe Bladerunner GT Series Intercooler 2012-2016 BMW 328i L4-2.0L (t) N20

  • Sku: AFE46-20221
  • Brand: aFe

This BladeRunner Intercooler represents the next generation of intercoolers. Designed specifically for the 2012-2016 BMW 328i (F3X) 12-16 L4-2.0L (t) with the N20 engine, this BladeRunner intercooler utilizes a 5" bar and plate core design. This design outflows the factory fin core design, while the 3/16" TIG-Welded end tanks offer superior strength and durability. In testing, this intercooler showed flow gains up to 17% and lowered the intake air temperatures. End Tanks: The unique BladeRunner end tanks are constructed out of 3/16" thick aluminum plates and include two 1/8" NPT ports for sensors or water-methanol injection. 5" Bar and Plate Core Design: The use of the bar and plate core design allows for greater airflow and increased heat dissipation over the much smaller tube and fin design used by the factory. TIG-Welded: 100% TIG-Welded inside and out by a certified craftsmen for strength and durability. TIG-Welding provides the strongest welds while reducing stress cracks. Pressure Tested: The BladeRunner Intercooler is test pressure rated at 200psi. Perfect Fit: Utilizes the factory mounting locations for a hassle-free installation. The intercooler and tubes utilize billet factory style quick connects to assure a leak-free connection.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
2014-2016 BMW 228i Base
2015-2016 BMW 228i xDrive Base
2013-2018 BMW 320i Base
2013-2018 BMW 320i xDrive Base
2012-2016 BMW 328i Base
2014-2016 BMW 328i GT xDrive Base
2013-2016 BMW 328i xDrive Base
2014-2016 BMW 428i Base
2015-2016 BMW 428i Gran Coupe Base
2014-2016 BMW 428i xDrive Base
2015-2016 BMW 428i xDrive Gran Coupe Base

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