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Active Autowerke Power Pulley Kit - BMW E46 M3 (01-06') / Z3M


2001-2006 E46 M3 coupe & convertible 6 Speed and SMG
2001-2002 MZ3 Z3 M Roadster / Z3 M Coupe (S54 engine) 6 Speed and SMG



We are all infatuated with power in our own way. If you are looking on how to gain tremendous, additional horsepower for your BMW E46 M3 with the S54 engine, then there's the Active Autowerke supercharger yielding up to 650 horses. 
If you are looking for something that is induced through normal aspirations, then there's the Active Autowerke performance tuned software or the Active Autowerke performance exhaust header all producing good horses as well.  Then there's the BMW E46 M3 Power Pulley Kit. It looks more non-intrusive to the engine bay, it is easy to install, and it makes power. 

Best of all, it is a good start to build on since it is modular in design and complements all other Active Autowerke BMW performance upgrades for the BMW E46 M3. The exception would be the Active Autowerke supercharger system which utilizes a dedicated 8 RIB pulley drive. 


The BMW S54 engine produces horsepower, however, all of this power is not fully achieved when the engine also has to drive other components such as air conditioning and  power steering.

These ancillary components are driven by the engine crankshaft via a belt drive, but they all inherently take away some horsepower just to be driven.  We refer to this as parasitic losses. To help reduce this drag, Active Autowerke calculated and re-engineered the pulley dimensions that would reduce these power losses on your BMW motor.  The finished product not only achieved this but it still maintained that level of reliability and efficiency.

What is redesigned is the water pump, alternator and power steering pulleys. What is not touched is the engine crankshaft pulley. By not altering the harmonic of the engine crankshaft, the engineers here at Active Autowerke wanted to achieve this through a redesign of just the auxiliary drives. 
The end result is the unleashing of untapped power on the engine.  An additional 10 rear wheel horsepower gain as measured on the in house Active Autowerke Mustang dyno.  


When Active Autowerke designs, test and produces a supercharger system for the E46 M3 to produce over 650 horsepower, part of this design entails working on the supercharger belt drive. This includes calculating the right pulley diameters, groove pitch, belt alignment through pulley offsets, maintaining proper belt tension, and then continuous testing on the chassis dyno with our BMW E46 M3.  Active Autowerke take this same approach applying into the design and development of the  BMW E46 M3 Power Pulley KIT. 
This is part of the building block concept where what is learned today is applied tomorrow.  This is something that we do on a daily basis everyday.


BMW POWER PULLEYS including Alternator, Water Pump and Power Steering 
HP gains: 10 RWHP ~ 12+ HP
Complete Bolt on System that is easily reversible
All Pulleys are T6061 machined from a solid billet
All pulleys are test fitted and laser aligned for a true, smooth tracking operation
All Pulleys are DARK, hard anodized for a durable protective surface 
New ALT belt included with system
Reliable and efficient  
Fitment for both 6 speed and SMG models
Lifetime warranty on pulley's construction and fitment (does not include accidents or mis-abuse)
Does not cause overheating found in smaller pulley designs

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