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Active Autowerke Coolant Pipe Fitting (CPF) - BMW E36 M3 (3.0 To 3.2)


Upgrading your 1995 M3 3.0 to a 1996-on M3 3.2 engine is a popular performance option, but can be a complex task. Lot of little things can be overlooked – like the heater hose that runs under the intake manifold to the engine front cover.

The ‘95 M3 engine front cover uses a flange with rings to receive the heater hose. The ’96-on engine doesn’t have a corresponding flange, instead expecting a heater pipe to be present – connecting up to the front cover with an a o-ring seal.

Our simple, efficient solution: a CPF that lets you retain your ’95 heater hose, clamps and hardware. Problem solved in minutes, with no need for upgraded pipes or seals. We figure you have much more important things to worry about.

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